1. Control

In our factory, we receive many raw materials every day; an accurate control of the qualities (organoleptic, microbiological and chemical), carried on with the most modern technics, is crucial to guarantee freshness and authenticity.
Once the conformity of the several creams and other raw materials has been proved, we allow discharging into the storage tanks

2. Development of creams

After pasteurization, the storage of the accurately blended creams takes place in specific ripening tanks under the control of expressly trained staff, who verify and monitor all the necessary parameters to assure the optimum development of fermentation.

3. The birth

Finally, our butter is generated; our staff checks that the whole process takes place in complete safety, verifying that the microbiological and physical parameters dictated by the law, are respected, as foreseen also by our rigid self-control manual

4. Packaging

Packaging in various formats is the last step before sales. Our specialists control weight, verify possible iscrepancies and supervise the whole flow in cooperation with the responsible of Quality Control in order to guarantee the highest standard of genuineness in favor of the final consumer.

5. Delivery

The ITALBUTTER butter is ready; our customers will receive it via direct employees by means of our own vehicles or by third parties specialized in the delivery of fresh products at controlled temperature, in a quick and safe way.