Breakfast is a fundamental meal for everyone and in particular for school-aged children and young people. Emattinata. At a balanced breakfast is able to provide the energy and nutrients necessary to the brain to have a good attention to deal with the school activity in the best way.

Explains Prof. Claudio Maffeis, director of the Operative Unit of Pediatrics at the Diabetologic Address and Metabolism Diseases of the University of Verona, who has published on the European J Clinical Nutrition a study that shows how children and teenagers who skip breakfast , in the morning hours have a lower visual memory, attention and cognitive performance.

Which breakfast for the children?

The milk, better if whole and fresh, is the focus of the classic breakfast. To make it more pleasant you can add soluble barley or, alternatively, cocoa (the latter in modest quantities if the child has a few extra pounds). If you want to give coffee and milk, it is better to choose a decaffeinated product because caffeine is an exciting one for young children. As a right accompaniment of the milk you can use bread or biscuits with butter and jam or honey or even biscuits with butter so we can give your child a right relationship to better face his day. we recommend the italbutter butter since we can assure you internal laboratory controls, meticulous and accurate to bring to your table butter of the highest quality